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Trafik i Børnehøjde means ‘traffic in children’s eye level’.

Our social enterprise has expertise in working holistically with traffic challenges at schools. We know that the vast majority of problems at schools must be handled with a behavioural angle. We have experience from more than 150 school over a period of 10 years.

Therefore, the first step is always to test which behaviour can solve a school’s traffic challenges. Based on this, we can choose which physical installation can support the behaviour needed – and vice versa.

The purpose of our projects is to solve traffic challenges with a behavioural angle. The means are the involvement of them it’s all about – the students.

Involving students gives many benefits:

  • Students have a great knowledge of their local area
  • Students are creative in their solutions and can solve fixed issues
  • Students appeal to other students and especially their parents
  • Students have time to get involved and think it is fun to get the responsibility and acting in the real projects
  • Students become ambassadors for the continued influence of behaviour
  • Students commit the school to engage more in traffic and mobility

We have agreements with several established companies of consulting engineers and contractors. And we are a member of Cycling Embassy of Denmark.We have experience in planning for physical solutions and can variously be part of a larger effort for school roads. Or where there is a special emphasis on road user behaviour or user involvement.

We have an interesting case from a school in the City of Odense where students saved the municipality for an amount of approximately 80 000 euros. Read more on this case. Please, also check out the case from Roskilde where students developed an idea to reduce the amount of students dropped off by car with astonishing 32 %. Read more on this case.

For further info please read article from Cycling Embassy of Denmark: http://www.cycling-embassy.dk/2015/09/22/school-pupils-as-ambassadors-of-cycling/

Same article in pdf in this link: Young Ambassadors of Cycling : Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Contact info:

Johan Heichelmann

T (+45) 5336 9194

E johan@bornetrafik.dk